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United States Naval Academy
Class of  1942
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Graduated  563  on 12/19/41  Died due enemy action  44   Still Going - 196 

Officers and Email address





Jerry Miller


Vice President

Arthur Rawson



Bob Day



Rufus Porter




 Quote for Today In the first half of the century, physics radically changed our understanding of physical reality  and what  we can do with it. The second half of the century belonged to the biologists , who may be changing  what we can be. Einstein 's axiom  is--The world is  more apt to be destroyed by bad politics  than by bad  physics.  A corollary  is needed---- Good biology with out  good philosophy will be a calamity.  

From George  Will in the Washington Post  12/99  

  Purpose This class of 1942 web site is an experiment to see how useful it might be amongst the many other means for class communications already afforded by the Naval Academy Alumni Association (AA). This service includes information about and for classmates - grad and non-grad - and widows of those classmates.

 In detail, the AA publishes a hardcopy set of class notes, and a hardcopy class directory.  The AA web site supports sections that provide for many tasks:  an ability to download a class list, to send out a class e-mail at the push of a button, to see the class financial report, to update one’s address etc. , to post sea stories written by classmates,